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Communication is key to our practice, we believe that great designs come through from great communication, where we inherit the essence of your ideals and expand it into designs of your vision.


Our team comprises of professionals of vast diversities, an intricate network of designers, web technicians, photographers, illustrators and content writers working cohesively at your side.


We have gained great experience from over 200 clients with diverse needs in various fields throughout the years. Our experience along with our expertise helped to create and establish well known local brands, and yours will be next.


Creativity does not come from out of the blues, and it does not have to be out of the world. Creativity, in our sense, is just what's best for you.


Creativity stands alone without the techniques to achieve it, and we possess both abilities, as well as a desire to go even further in helping you to achieve your company image.


We work in adherence with professional attitudes and strict timelines, to provide you with our best services on time, and on target.

Our Services

  A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.  

A brand is not simply a logo, it's a representation of your company culture. For businesses, it's what connects you with your customers in its ability to explore the market, create competition, and in turn, sale your products. For consumers, it provides assurance for quality, worth and satisfaction; characteristics that stands along with brands they trust. CGICA can help turn your brand into brands everyone loves.

Market analysis
Customer research
Study competitors
Evaluate existing brands
Visions, goals, values

  Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.  

We come across designs everywhere in our daily lives; in billboards, flyers, magazines or even on your cellphones and tablets. Most of the times they go unnoticed, therefore, it’s very important to have a design that catches people’s attention. This is where a unique and visually stimulating design comes into place, and this is exactly what we offer at CGICA. 

Type & variations

  Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works.  

Steve Jobs, Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc.
Your website will probably be the first encounter for most people in getting to know your company; where potential clients will be able to, at a glance, understand what you do and get information on how to reach you. CGICA specializes in web designs and voicing your company image through the world wide web.    

  A true photograph need not be explained nor can it be contained in words.  

Ansel Adams, Famous American Photographer
We all know the saying that “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and through these images, will be the words you want to tell your clients, only there are no words spoken (you get the message). CGICA offers commercial grade photography and videography for all your marketing needs, which will engage your audiences and communicate your messages more effectively.

*We are google certified photograhers.

  A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is.  

Scott Cook, Chairman of Intuit, director of eBay
Sometimes, promoting on your own just doesn’t cut it, you need people power to advertise for you instead. This is why 360 marketing communication is so important nowadays, where everyone is promoting on your behalf, which often generates more notice than you can ever imagine. We at CGICA takes you into the world of cyber reality, where you don’t have to do a thing, and your business will get promoted from one to another. There, isn’t that simple?


  It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.  

Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc.
Our designs are like our babies, and we want them to do things they are designed to do; such as promoting on your behalf. Therefore, we take special care in implementing our designs into your business culture. Where we not only design, but also provides services such as printing, binding, signage and its installation, even renovations to ensure the best of qualities. CGICA does it all, just ask!

Brand book
Standards & Guidelines
Brand maintainace
Brand Training
Reproduction files

Branding Design System

At CGICA, our team works closely with our clients from step one all the way to finish and ensures proper execution on a timely basis. Our workflow consists of important milestones in helping with your corporate identity.
We get our inspirations from getting to know you and your business.
We further our inspirations based on detailed researches related to your products.
We derive a plan based on research on how our designs will turn out to be.
We design from such a plan, and extracts the essence to better target desired groups.
We put our designs into work, and implement it onto mediums such as the internet, signs, print outs and more.
We take our implementation onto the next level and promote it on social medias and such.
We receive feedbacks from promotion campaigns and adjust accordingly to maintain and sustain your brand image.